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The Dog House

Mile High  Princess canvases are no longer available through The Artists Collection.
Please contact:
Carrie Palmer 
Mile High  Princess Needlepoint

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MH1402 MH1403 MH1404

Percy Puppy Present
MH1402  8x9   18m

Pansy Poodle
MH1403  9x9   18m

Gus Golden
MH1404   9x9   18m

MH1405 MH1406 MH1407

Wesley Westie
MH1405   9x9   18m

Bernard Bernese
MH1406   9x9   18m

Porter Portuguese
MH1407  9x9   18m

MH1408 MH1432 MH1433

Schitzel Shitzu
MH1408   9x9   18m

MH1432    9x9   18m

MH1433   9x9   18m

MH2938 MH2939 MH2940

Gabby Black Lab
MH2938   4.5 Round   18m

MH2939   4.5 Round   18m

Bob Beagle
MH2940   4.5 Round   18m

MH2941 MH2942 MH2943

Brenda Bulldog
MH2941   4.5 Round   18m

Vincent Pug
MH2942   4.5 Round   18m

Butch Yorkie
MH2943   4.5 Round   18m

MH2944 MH2945 MH2946

Babe English Bulldog
MH2944   4.5 Round   18m

Barbara Boxer
MH2945   4.5 Round   18m

Trueman Yellow Lab
MH2946   4.5 Round   18m

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