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Mile High  Princess canvases are no longer available through The Artists Collection.
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Carrie Palmer 
Mile High  Princess Needlepoint

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MH1400 MH1413 MH1414

To Grandmother's House We Go
MH1400   17x13   18m

Yoga Santa
MH1413   9x9   18m

Gang's All Here
MH1414   10x9   18m

MH1415 MH1416 MH1417

Too Big for the Sleigh
MH1415   7x10   13m

MH1416  7x10   18m

Good St. Nick
MH1417   8x10   18m

MH1418 MH1419 MH1422

Best Seat in the House
MH1418   9x9   13m

"I Swear"
MH1419  7x9   18m

Holly & Ivy
MH1422  7x10   18m

MH1430 MH1431 MH1501

Sassy Santa
MH1430   13x22   13m

Stocking Stuffer
MH1431   11x23   13m

The Gift
MH1501   7.5x11   18m

MH1502 MH1503 MH1504

The Fisher King
MH1502  9x9   18m

The Skaters
MH1503   9x9   18m

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Onward Ho
MH1504  10.5x7.5   18m
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MH1505 MH1506 MH1515

Roli Poly
MH1505   9x10.5   18m

The Sleigh Master
MH1506   9x8   18m
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Golfer Santa
MH1515   7.5x9.5   18m

MH1516 MH1519 MH1520

Boater Santa
MH1516  9x9   18m

Kayak Santa
MH1519  9x9   18m

The Ride
MH1520   9x10   18m

MH1521 MH1523 MH1524

Paddle Board Santa
MH1521   9x9   13m

Cardinal Santa
MH1523   11x18.5   18m

Toboggan Santa
MH1524   15x11   13m

MH1525 MH1526 MH1528

Christmas Eve
MH1525  13.5x15   13m

Merry Christmas Ride
MH1526   13x10   13m

Calm Before the Storm
MH1528   8x10.5   18m
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MH1632 MH1633 MH1634

Balancing Act
MH1632  8 x 9.5  18m

Santa Belly Dancer
MH 1633  8x9

MH1634  8 x 9  18m

`MH1635 MH1636 MH1639

Chimney Oops!
MH1635  7.5 x 10.5  18m

Candy Cane Roly Poly
MH1636  8 x 10 18m
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Bahama Tommy Santa
MH1639  7 x 11 18m

MH1636 MH1714 MH1715

Sleepy Time Cookie Monster
MH1640  7 x 11.5 18m

Mr. Santa Claus
MH1714  8.5 x 16   18m

Mrs. Santa Claus
MH1715  9 x 15  18m

MH1721 MH1824 MH2311

Santa Express
MH1721  9 x 10 18m

Candy Santa
MH1824 11 x 15  13m

Cardinal Santa
MH2311   5" Round   18m
MH2311SG Stitch Guide

MH2312 MH2313 MH2314

Jester Santa
MH2312   5" Round  18m
MH2312SG Stitch Guide

Heralding Santa
MH2313   5" Round   18m
MH2313SG Stitch Guide

Chimney Santa
MH2314   5" Round   18m
MH2314SG Stitch Guide

MH2444 MH2445 MH2446

Polka Santa
MH2444   5" Round  18m
MH2444SG Stitch Guide

Stocking Cap Santa
MH2445   5" Round   18m
MH2445SG Stitch Guide

Chimney Santa
MH2446   5" Round   18m
MH2446SG Stitch Guide

MH2447 MH2450 MH2451

Polka Santa
MH2447   5" Round  18m
MH2447SG Stitch Guide

Stocking Cap Santa
MH2450   3x6.5   18m
MH2450SG Stitch Guide

Nautical Santa
MH2451   3x6.5   18m
MH2451SG Stitch Guide

MH2452 MH2453 MH2555

St. Santa of Assisi
MH2452   3x6.5  18m
MH2452SG Stitch Guide

Celestial Santa
MH2453   3x6.5   18m
MH2453SG Stitch Guide

Roll Mop I
MH2555  4.5x5   18m

MH2556 MH2557 MH2565

MH2556   5x5.25  18m

Roll Mop II
MH2557  3.5x4.5  18m

Presenting Santa
MH2565  4.5x5   18m

MH2616 MH2635 MH2661

Heart Warmer Santa
MH2616   5x10.5  18m

Lovey Dovey Santa
MH2635  5.5x12  18m

Special Delivery
MH2661  7.25x14   18m

MH2662 MH2663 MH2666

Tickles Pink w/Boy
MH2662   4x10.5

Tickles Pink w/Girl
MH2663 4x10.5

Polka Dots & Candy Canes
MH2666  4x13   18m

MH2667 MH2823 MH2902

Polka Dots & Puppy Dogs
MH2667   4x13

Holly Ho HO
MH2823 8x19 13m
MH2823SG Stitch Guide includes

Charlie Chicken
MH2902  3.5x6.5   18m

MH2903 MH2904 MH2905

Stewart Sheep
MH2903   3.5x6   18m

Camilla Cow
MH2904   2x5x5   18m

Santa Baby
MH2905  2x5.5   18m

  MH2907MH2909 MH2912

Jingle Jim
MH2907  2x7   18m

Candy Santa
MH2909   2.5x5.75   18m

Dory Santa
MH2912  5x4   18m

MH2914 MH2947 MH3002

Piglet Santa
MH2914  3.5x5.5   18m

MH2947   6x18.5   13m

That Special Box
MH3002 6x3   18m

MH3004 MH3005 MH3006

Filler Up
MH3004  5.5x3   18m

Wrapping Exhaustion
MH3005   5.5x3.5   18m

Where is the Chiropractor
MH3006 8.5x3   18m

MH3015 MH3019 MH3020

Candy Cane Delivery
MH3015  7x3   18m

Bittersweet Delivery
MH3019   7x3   18m

Tiny Gift From Tiny Santa
MH3020   4.5x5   18m

MH3021 MHPP26  

Waiting For The Reindeer
MH3021  4.75x4   18m

Bittersweet Delivery
MHPP26   10x5   18m

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