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MH1517 MH1629 MH1630

Christmas Holiday
MH1517   7.5x8.5   18m

Mr. HipHop
MH1537  8.5x7.5  18m

Bunny Door Hanger
MH1538  11x13   18m

MH1612 MH1613 MH1614

MH1612  9x11  18m

MH1613  9x11  18m

Gertie Gull
MH1614  8.5x10.5   18m

MH1615 MH1616 MH1620

Fanny Flamingo
MH1615  6.5x9.5  18m

Harry Heron
MH1616 9x9.5  18m

MH1620 16x16  13m

MH1517 MH1629 MH1630

MH1621  16x16  13m

Mr. & Mrs.
MH1629   8.5x9   18m

Belle's Baby Shower
MH1630  7.5x10   18m

MH2404 MH2404 MH2540

Sam and Betsy
MH2113   10x12.5 12x10   18m
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Princess with Pea
MH2404   10x12.5   18m
MH2404SG Stich Guide

Thankful Tom
MH2540   3x6.5   18m

MH2541 MH2542 MH2600

Thankful Trudy
MH2541  3x6.5  18m

Unthankful Turkey
MH2542  6x3  18m

The Wedding Dance
MH2600   5.5x6.5  18m

MH2948 MH3003 MH3008

Tonette, the Tooth Fairy
MH2948 7x4  13m

Bringing Home The Bacon
MH3003  6.5x4  18m

Where's The Butter
MH3008  6.75x3.5  18m

MH3009 MH3010 MH3011

Where's the Beach
MH3009  5.5x3.5  18m

Ready Freddy
MH3010  6x3.5  18m

Ahoy Matey
MH3011  5.25x3.5  18m


Sandbox Babe
MH3012  6x3.5  18m


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