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Mile High  Princess canvases are no longer available through The Artists Collection.
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Carrie Palmer 
Mile High  Princess Needlepoint

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MH105 MH1401 MH1527

MH105   5x4.5   18m

Muriel and Morris
MH1401-13   12x23   13m
MH1401-18   12x23   18m

Miss Pumkin Penny
MH1527   10.5x18   13m

MH1622 MH1716 MH1800

Leaping Loretta
MH1622  22x20  13m

Iris with Argyle Sox
MH1716   13.5x25   18m

Spider Ella
MH1800   10x21   18m

MH1819 MH1820 MH1821

Mr. Harold Pumpkin Head
MH1819  9.5x13  13m

Mrs. June Pumpkin Head
MH1820  9.5x13.5   18m

Frida the Kitty
MH1821   9x9   13m

MH2475 MH2477 MH2478

Witchy Brew
MH2475   3x7   18m

Cat Girl
MH2477  3x7   18m

MH2478   3x7   18m

MH2479 MH2512 MH2513

MH2479   3x7   18m

Dracula Kitty
MH2512  3" Round   18m

Ghostly Kitty
MH2513   3" Round   18m

MH2514 MH2519 MH2550

Pumpkin Patch Kitty
MH2514   3" Round   18m

Hermina Batwings
MH2519   7x12.5   18m

MH2550   8x8.5   18m

MH2551 MH2552 MH2553

Catty Cathy
MH2551  4.5x5.5   18m

Kitty with Kitty
MH2552   4.5x5.5   18m

Batty Betty
MH2553   4.5x5.5   18m

MH2614 MH2615 MH2623

Greta and the Stowaways
MH2614   12x6   18m

Carol on Halloween
MH2615   3.75x9   18m

Fergie Frog Lady
MH2623  4.75x5   18m

MH2626 MH2628 MH2629

Love at First Boo
MH2626  4.5x5   18m

Zebra Girl
MH2628   4.5x5   18m

Fuschia Jacko
MH2629  3.5" Square   18m

MH2630 MH2653 MH2664

Green Apple Jacko
MH2630 3.5" Square   18m

Hazel & Friends
MH2653  6x6.5   18m

Best Friends
MH2664   7.5x6.75   18m

MH2674 MH2747 MH2801

Bella and Stella
MH2674  15x6.5   18m

Polly Pumpkin
MH2747   9x9.5   18m

Babe the Witch
MH2801  5x19   18m

MH2805 MH2806 MH2808

MH2805  4x8   18m

MH2806   9x9.5   18m

Catty Cathy
MH2808  3.5x9   18m

MH2825 MH2826  

MH2825  7x11   18m

MH2826   7x11   18m

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