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Flowers, Fancy, and Fun

Mile High  Princess canvases are no longer available through The Artists Collection.
Please contact:
Carrie Palmer 
Mile High  Princess Needlepoint

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MH1626 MH1627 MH1701

MH1626 12 x 18.5  18m

Petnuia Pansy
MH1627  12 x 18.5  18m
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Tiny Cottage
MH1701 8 x 8  18m

MH1702 MH1703 MH1708

MH1702 8 x 8  18m

MH1703 8 x 8  18m

Welcome to New York
MH1708 8 x 8  18m

MH1709 MH1717  

The Village
MH1709 8 x 8  18m

Agnes Shops NYC
MH1717 9.5 x 15  18m


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