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Mile High  Princess canvases are no longer available through The Artists Collection.
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Carrie Palmer 
Mile High  Princess Needlepoint

     A Wonderful Assortment of Designs for the Christmas Season

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Curtis Candycane
MH1420   6x9   18m

Black Dog Christmas
MH1518   9x9   13m

Rover's Christmas Trip
MH1637   7.5x8.5   18m
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Kitty in the Moon
MH2509   4.5x6   18m

Christmas Tree Kitty
MH2510   4.5x6   18m

Wreath Kitty
MH2511   4.5x6   18m

Rover in the Christmas Tree
MH2515   4.5x6   18m

Rover on the Moon
MH2516   4.5x6   18m

Wreath Rover
MH2517   4.5x6   18m

Presenting Kitty
MH2568  4x4   18m

Presenting Puppy
MH2569   4x4   18m

Cardinal Santa Sock
MH2658   4.5x6   18m

Baby's First Christmas
MH2659   4.5x6   18m

Fergie Frog Prince
MH2906  4x5.5   18m

Special Delivery
MH2913   3.5x4.5  18m

Nasal Congestion
MH3000   5 Round  18m

Lady Madonna
MH3001   4.5 Round  18m

That Special Box
MH3002  6x3  18m

Filler Up
MH3004   5.5x3  18m

Wrapping Exhaustion
MH3005   5.5x3.5   18

Where is the Chiropractor
MH3006  8.5x3   18m

Christmas Tree Farm Fairy
MH3007   5.5x5  18m

Tongue Twister
MH3013   5x6.5   18m

Spinner Girl
MH3014  3x6.5   18m

Candy Cane Delivery
MH3015   7x3  18m

MH3016  4.5 Round   18m

MH3017  4.5 Round   18m

Watching Over You
MH3018   5x4.5  18m

Bittersweet Delivery
MH3019  7x3   18m

Tiny Gift from Tiny Santa
MH3020  4.5x5   18m

Waiting For The Reindeer
MH3021   4.75x4  18m

Green Ball
MH6000  4.5x5   18m

Blue Ball
MH6001  4.5x5   18m

White Ball
MH6002   4.5x5  18m

Perky Peter Penguin
MH6003  6x3   18m

Poinsettia Polar
MH6004  7x4   18m


Waiting for Snow
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