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Mile High  Princess canvases are no longer available through The Artists Collection.
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Carrie Palmer 
Mile High  Princess Needlepoint

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MH1409 MH1410 MH1411

Beatrice Bunny Shhh
MH1409  11 x 9  13m

Owen Owl Shhh
MH1410  9 x 11  13m

Ellie and Ruth Shhh
MH1411  9 x 10  13m

MH1412 MH1535B MH1535F

Baby Buggy Shhh
MH1412  9 x 11  13m

Kitty in Tow
M11535B   10x8   18m

Student Driver Girl
MH1535F   18m

MH1536B MH1536F MH1628

Puppy in Tow
MH1536B   10x8   18m

Student Driver Boy
MH1536F   18m

Sam Skater
MH1600 10x9  18m

MH1617 MH1618 MH16196

Feda Field Hockey
MH1617 8x9  18m

LuLu Lacrosse
MH1618 8x9.5  18m

Birthday Betty
MH1619 7x9.5  18m

MH1536F MH1628 MH1631

Samantha Skater
MH1623   18m

Larry Lacrosse
MH1628  8 x 9  18m

Grammy's Dressup
MH1631  7.5 x 9.5  18m

MH1638 MH1641 MH1642

Chef Michael
MH1638 7 x 10.5  18m

Texan Ron
MH1641  7.5 x 10  18m

Lola Bluebell
MH1642  7.5 x10  18m

MH1710 MH1711 MH1712

ER Boy Right Arm
MH1710 6.5 x 10.5  18m

ER Girl Left Arm
MH1711 6.5 x 10.5  18m

ER Boy Left Leg
MH1712 6.5 x 10.5  18m

MH1713 MH2500 MH2501

ER Girl Left Leg
MH1713 6.5 x 10.5  18m

Basketball Bill
MH2500  2.5 x 6.5  18m

Football Fred
MH2501  3 x 6  18m

MH2502 MH2503 MH2505

Hockey Harry
MH2502  4 x 6.5  18m

Snowball Sam
MH2503  3.5 x 6  18m

Baseball Bobby
MH2505  3.5 x 5.5  18m

MH2506 MH2508 MH2521

Soccer Seth
MH2506  3.5 x 5  18m

Fishy Frank
MH2508  3.5 x 5.5  18m

MH2521  3 x 6.5  18m

MH2522 MH2523 MH2524

Soccer Sandy
MH2522  3.5 x 5.5  18m

Snowball Sally
MH2523  3.5 x 6  18m

Dolly Dotty
MH2524  3 x 5.5  18m

MH2525 MH2526 MH2527

Kittie Katie
MH2525  3 x 5.5  18m

Aquatic Angela
MH2526  3.5 x 5  18m

Ballet Barbie
MH2527  3.25 x 6.5  18m

MH2642 MH2643 MH2675

Wimble Dee
MH2642  4 x 5.5  18m

Wimble Don
MH2643  4 x 5.5  18m

Shh Sign
MH2675  7.5 x 6  18m

MH2676 MH2813 MH2814

Baby Ornament
MH2676  4.25 x 4  18m

Piano Girl
MH2813  3.5 x 4  18m

Piano Boy
MH2814  3.5 x 4  18m

MH2815 MH2816 MH2818

MH2815  4 x 6  18m

MH2816  4 x 6  18m

Snowboarding Sammy
MH2818  5 x 5  18m

MH2819 MH2820 MH2948

Ski Boy
MH2819  4.5 x 5  18m

Ski Girl
MH2820  4.5 x 5.5  18m

Tonette, the Tooth Fairy
MH2948  7 x4  13m

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