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KT105 KT106 KT303

Pieces of My Heart Green
KT105  11.5x11.5 18m

Pieces of My Heart
KT106  11.5x11.5 18m

Bitty Heart Red
KT303  7x7 18m

KT304 KT305 KT306

Bitty Purple Heart
KT304  7x7 18m

Bitty Heart Black
KT305  6.5x7.5 18m

Checked Heart Red
KT306  7x7.5 18m

KT307 KT308 KT309

Checked Heart Swirl
KT307  7.5x8.5  18m

Checked Heart Pink
KT308  8x7.5 18m

Checked Heart Green
KT309  7x7.5 18m

KT310 KT311 KT401

Checked Heart Aqua
KT310  7.5x8.5  18m

Checked Heart Kelly
KT311  7.5x7 18m

Crescent Hare
KT401  13.5x13.5  18m


Starry Hare
KT402  13.5x10.5 13m

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