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HB 230 HB 231 HB 278

Candy Corn Cupcake
HB 230   4x3.75   18m

Halloween Minis Cupcake
HB 231   4x3.75   18m

JackoLantern Basket
HB 278   3.5x3.75   18m

HB 279 HB 280 HB 350

Fall Pumpkin Basket
HB 279   3.5x3.75   18m

Fall Harvest Basket
HB 280   3.5x3.75   18m
Stitch Guide Included

Dotted Pumpkin
HB 350   4.75x4.75   18m
Stitch Guide Included

HB 351 HB 352 HB 354

Little Pumpkins
HB 351   4.75x4.5   18m

Candy Corn Pumpkin
HB 352   4.75x5.75   18m
Stitch Guide Included

Diamonds Pumpkin
HB 354   4.75x4.75   18m
Stitch Guide Included

HB 388    

Pumpkin Birdhouse
HB 388   4.75x4   18m

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