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HB 126 HB 140
HB 141

Starry Nights Stocking
HB 126   4x5.75   18m

Mini Trees
HB 140   4.75x4.75   18m
Stitch Guide Included

Poinsettia Tree
HB 141   4.75x4.75   18m
Stitch Guide Included

HB 142 HB 143 HB 228

Diamonds Tree
HB 142   4.75x4.75   18m
Stitch Guide Included

Red Birds Tree
HB 143   4.75x4.75   18m
Stitch Guide Included

Jingle Bells Cupcake
HB 228   4x3.75   18m

HB 260 HB 262 HB 263

Christmas Trees Cupcake
HB 260   4x3.75   18m

Snowflakes Cupcake
HB 262   4x3.75   18m

Bells Cupcake
HB 263   4x3.75   18m

HB 268 HB 269
HB 281A

Sugar Cookie Basket
HB 268   3.75x3.75   18m

Gingerbread Basket
HB 269   3.75x3.75   18m

Poinsettia Basket
HB 281A   3.5x3.75   18m

HB 281B HB 282A HB 282B

Jingle Bell Basket
HB 281B   3.5x3.75   18m

Christmas Balls Basket
HB 282A   3.5x3.75   18m

Gifts Basket
HB 282B   3.5x3.75   18m

HB 370 HB 373 HB 386

3-D Christmas Beads Cupcake
HB 370   8x8   18m

3-D Christmas Stripes Cupcake
HB 373   8x8   18m

Gingerbread Birdhouse
HB 386   4.5x4.5   18m
Stitch Guide Included

HB 387 HB 395  

Christmas Birdhouse
HB 387   4.75x4.75   18m

Red Box Birdhouse
HB 394   4.75x4.75   18m

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