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HB 540   3.5 x 4.25  18m
Includes Stitch Guide

Basket - Beach
HB 253   3.7 5x 4  18m
Includes Stitch Guide

Basket - Stars and Flag
HB 254   3.5x4   18m
Includes Stitch Guide

HB 268 HB 269 HB 270-A

Basket - Gingerbread
HB 268   3.5x3.75   18m

Basket - Sugar Cookie
HB 269   3.5x3.75   18m

Basket - Sunflowers
HB 270-A   3.5x4   18m

HB 270-B HB 271 HB 272-A

Basket - Flowers
HB 270-B   3.5x4   18m

Basket - Daisies
HB 271  3.5x4  18m

Basket - Grapes
HB 272-A  3.75x4   18m

HB 272-B HB 272-C HB 273-A

Basket - Cupcakes
HB 272-B  3.75x4 18m

Basket - Oranges
HB 272-C  3.5x4  18m

Basket - Lemons
HB 273-A  3.5x4  18m

HB 273-B HB 274 HB 275-A

Basket - Apples
HB 273-B  3.5x4  18m

Basket - Shamrocks
HB 274  3.5x4  18m

Basket - Fruit Salad
HB 275-A  3.5x4  18m

HB 275-B HB 276 HB 281-A

Basket - Cherries
HB 275-B  3.5x4  18m

Basket - Strawberries
HB 276  3.5x4  18m

Basket - Pumpkin
HB 277 3.5x4  18m

HB 281-B HB 279 HB 280

Basket - Jackolantern
HB 278 3.5x4  18m

Basket - Fall Pumpkins
HB 279  3.5x3.75  18m

Basket - Fall Harvest
HB 280 3.5x3.75  18m
Stitch Guide Included

HB 281-A HB 281-B HB 282-A

Basket - Poinsettias
HB 281-A  3.5x3.75  18m

Basket - Jingle Bells
HB 281-B  3.5x4  18m

Basket -Christmas Balls
HB 282-A  3.5x3.75  18m

HB 282-B HB 284-A HB 284-B

Basket - Christmas Gifts
HB 282-B  3.5x3.75  18m

Basket - Red Hearts
HB 284-A  3.75x4  18m

Basket - Spring Flowers
HB 284-B  3.75x4  18m

HB 284-B HB 287 HB 288

Basket - Chocolate Bunny
HB 286 3.5x4  18m

Basket - Easter Eggs Blue
HB 287  3.5x3.75  18m

Basket - Easter Eggs Pink
HB 288  3.5x3.75  18m

HB 289    

Basket - Violets
HB 289  3.5x4  18m


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