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HS2107 HS2113 HS2117

Log Cabin Santa
HS2107   6.5x13.5  18m

Pastel Santa
HS2113   6x9  18m

Northern Lights Santa
HS2117   7x7  18m

HS2424 HS2426 HS2427

Blue Roly Poly
HS2424   8x9.5   18m
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Pink Roly Poly
HS2426   8x9.5   18m
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Cream Roly Poly
HS2427   8x9.5   18m
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HS5120 HS5121 HS5122

Flying Santa
HS5120   6.5x5  18m

Roly Poly II
HS5121   6.25x6  18m

Santa with Snowman
HS5122   5x6.25  18m

HS5124 HS5130 HS5132

Millennium Santa
HS5124   6x6  18m

Santa with Birdhouses
HS5130   6.25x7  18m

Fat Santa
HS5132   6x6.5  18m

HS5138 HS5139 HS5140

Tree Santa
HS5138  3x8  18m

Curly Hat Santa
HS5139   4x8.5  18m

Pine Santa
HS5140   4.5x5.5  18m

HS5143 HS5144 HS5145

Skyward Santa
HS5143  7.5x5  18m

Juggling Santa
HS5144   6x8  18m

Skating Santa
HS5145   6.25x6.25  18m

HS5146 HS5148 HS5150

Star Walker Santa
HS5146  5x6.5  18m

Decorating Santa
HS5148   5x7.25  18m

Nordic Santa
HS5150   7x7  18m

HS5153 HS5155 HS5157

Gift Giver Santa
HS5153  4.5x6  18m

Forest Santa
HS5155   3.5x9  18m

Santa with Sheep
HS5157   7.25x7.25   18m

HS5158 HS5161 HS5164

Casual Friday Santa
HS5158  5.75x6.25  18m

Packages Santa
HS5161   4.75x8.5  18m

Hiking Santa
HS5164   7x8   18m

HS5165 HS5166 HS5167

Holly Santa
HS5165  7.25x11.5  18m

Woodland Santa
HS5166   5.25x8.25  18m

Really Roly Poly
HS5167   5.25x8.25   18m

HS5168 HS5169 HS5170

Take Your Pet To Work Day
HS5168  8.25x7.75  18m

1776 Santa
HS5169   6.5x7.75  18m

Welcome Santa
HS5170   6.2x5.5   18m

HS5171 HS5172 HS5173

Tree Gatherer Santa
HS5171  5.75x8.25  18m

Baker Santa
HS5172   5x7  18m

Celestial Santa
HS5173   5x7.25   18m

HS5174 HS5175

Pear Tree Santa
HS5174  4.75x4.5  18m

Snowflake Santa
HS5175   16x14  18m

Coat of Many Colors Santa
HS5176   14x13

HS5178 HS5180 HS5178

Feeding the Birds Santa
HS5178 14x14 18m

Santa's Walk Down Memory Lane
HS5180 10x12 18m

Winter Kringle
HS5693 7.5x8.5 18m

HS5694 HS5695 HS5696

Valentine Kringle
HS5694 6.5x8  18m

St Patrick Kringle
HS5695 7x8 18m

Uncle Same Kringle
HS5696 7.5x8 18m

HS5697 HS5698  

Halloween Kringle
HS5697 7x8  18m

Christmas Kringle
HS5698 7.5x8.5 18m

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