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HS1101 HS1102 HS1103

Rub a Dub Dub
HS1101  2.75 x 3.5 18m

HS1102  3.5 x 2  18m

Chimney Time
HS1103  3.5 x 2  18m

HS1104 HS1105 HS1106

Really Poly Santa
HS1104  3.75 x 3.5 18m

Santa with Pipe
HS1105  3.5 x 2  18m

PEZ Santa
HS1106  3.5 x 2  18m

HS5178 HS5694 HS5695

Winter Kringle
HS5693 7.5x8.5 18m

Valentine Kringle
HS5694 6.5x8  18m

St Patrick Kringle
HS5695 7x8 18m

HS5696 HS5697 HS5698

Uncle Same Kringle
HS5696 7.5x8 18m

Halloween Kringle
HS5697 7x8  18m

Christmas Kringle
HS5698 7.5x8.5 18m

HS5707 HS5708 HS5709

HS5707   4.25 x 4.5  18m

Merry Moon
HS5708   4.5 x 5  18m

Tree Time
HS5709   2.5 x 5  18m

HS56710 HS5711 HS5712

HS5710  2.5 x 5 18m

Trimming the Tree
HS5711  2.5 x 5.5  18m

HS5712 3.5 x 5 18m

HS5713 HS5714 HS5715

Santa Twirl
HS5713  1.25 x 5.25 18m

Cat Twirl
HS5714  1.5 x  6  18m

Red and Gold Ornament
HS5715 2.5 x 3.5 18m

HS5721 HS5723 HS5724

HS5721  5x5 18m

Santa in Stocking
HS5723  2.5 x  5.5  18m

Santa in Boot
HS5724 3.5 x 5 18m

HS5726 HS5727 HS5728

Santa with Birds
HS5726  5" Round 18m

Santa with Tree
HS5727  5" Round  18m

Santa with Candy Canes
HS5728 5" Round 18m

HS5729 HS5730 HS5731

Santa with Stars
HS5729  5" Round 18m

Santa with Snowflakes
HS5730  5" Round  18m

Santa with Ornaments
HS5731 5" Round 18m

HS5736 HS5737 HS5738

Roly Poly
HS5736  4 x 4 18m

Pine Tree
HS5737  4 x 4  18m

Night Sky Santa
HS5738 4 x 4 18m

HS5739 HS5740 HS5741

Cardinal Santa
HS5739  4 x 4 18m

Drum Nutcracker
HS5740  4 x 4  18m

Sword Nutcracker
HS5741 4 x 4 18m

HS5742 HS5743  

Red Rifle Santa
HS5742  4 x 4 18m

Red/Blue Rifle Nutcracker
HS5743  4 x 4  18m

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