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HS2036 HS2037 HS2042

Stitching Angel
HS2036  3.5x12  18

Christmas Angel
HS2037  3.5x12  18

Celestial Angel
HS2042  3.5x12  18

HS2126 HS2404 HS2405

It's a Grand Old Flag
HS2126  12x6.75  18

Spring Sampler
HS2404  5.25x6.5  18

Summer Sampler
HS2405  5.25x6.5  18

HS2406 HS2407 HS2410

Fall Sampler
HS2406  5.25x6.5  18

Winter Sampler
HS2407  5.25x6.5  18

Noel Sampler
HS2410  2.5x5.5  18

HS2411 HS2412 HS2413

Spring Angel
HS2411  11.5x2.5  18

Summer Angel
HS2412  11.5x2.5  18

Fall Angel
HS2413  11.5x2.5  18

HS2414 HS5322 HS5323

Winter Angel
HS2414  11.5x2.5  18

Quilted Pear
HS5322  3.25x5.5  18

Quilted Apple
HS5323  3.75x4.75  18

HS5324 HS5325 HS5329

Quilted Cherries
HS5324  4.25x5.75  18

Quilted Watermelon
HS5325  4.25x4.75  18

Quilted Avocado
HS5329  2.5x7.5  18

HS5330 HS5331 HS5336

Quilted Orange
HS5330  4x4  18

Quilted Banana
HS5331  7x3.5  18

HS5336  3.75xx4.25  18

HS5337 HS5338 HS5340

HS5337  4x4  18

HS5338  3.75x4.75  18

Harmony Heart
HS5340  4.5x4  18

HS5341 HS5342 HS5343

Believe Heart
HS5341  4x4.25  18

Quilted Peas
HS5342  7.25x1.75  18

Quilted Tomatoes
HS5343  5.55x3.5  18

HS5344 HS5345 HS5346

Quilted Eggplant
HS5344  3.5x6.5  18

Quilted Pumpkin
HS5345  5x4.25  18

Quilted Beet
HS5346  4.75x5.5  18

HS5347 HS5348 HS5349

Quilted Carrot
HS5347  2x7.5  18

Quilted Onions
HS5348  6.25x5  18

Quilted Chiles
HS5349  3.75x8.5  18

HS5350 HS5351 HS5351

Quilted Cabbage
HS5350  7.25x5.5  18

Quilted Mushrooms
HS5351  4.75x5.25  18

Uncle Sam
HS5632 5 x 7  18
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HS5744 HS5351 HS5747

Spring Seasonal Round
HS5744  4" Round  18

Fall Seasonal Round
HS5746  4" Round  18

Winter Seasonal Round
HS5747  4" Round  18

HS5808 HS5351 HS5811

Ode to Christmas
HS5808  14x18  

Ode to Halloween
HS5809 14x18

Ode to Spring
HS5811  14x18

HS 5812 HS 5813 HS 5814

Lovey Bird
HS5812 13 x 9 18m

Melody Bird
HS5813  11 x 8 18m

Madam Butterfly
HS5814   13x9

HS 5815 HS 5816 HS 5817

Red Bird
HS5815 11 x 9 18m

Deck the Season
Spring Stocking

Deck the Season
Summer Stocking

HS 5818 HS 5819 HS5820

Deck the Season
Fall Stocking

Deck the Season
Winter Stocking

Deck the Season
Christmas Stocking
HS5820  9x10

HS 5818    

Deck the Halls
HS5821  9x10


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