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New HeartStrings Designs

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HS1101 HS1102 HS1103

Rub a Dub Dub
HS1101  2.75 x 3.5  18m

HS1102  3.5 x 2  18m

Chimney Time
HS1103  3.5 x 2  18m

HS1104 HS1105 HS1106

Really Poly Santa
HS1104  3.75 x 3.5 18m

Santa with Pipe
HS1105  3.5 x 2  18m

PEZ Santa
HS1106  3.5 x 2  18m

HS2424 HS2424 HS2426

Who's the Fairest?
HS2134 12.5x9  18

Blue Roly Poly
HS2424   8x9.5   18m
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Pink Roly Poly
HS2426   8x9.5   18m
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HS2427 HS5681  HS5682

Cream Roly Poly
HS2427   8x9.5   18m
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January Santa
HS5681  8 x 7
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February Santa
HS5682  8 x 7
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HS5683 HS5684 HS5685

March Santa
HS5683  8 x 7
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April Santa
HS5684  8 x 7
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May Santa
HS5685  8 x 7
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HS5686 HS5687 HS5688
June Santa
HS5686  8 x 7
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July Santa
HS5687  8 x 7
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August Santa
HS5688  8 x 7

HS5689 HS5690 HS5691
September Santa
HS5689  8 x 7

October Santa
November Santa
HS5691  8 x 7

December Santa
HS5692  8 x 7

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