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Destination: Dallas Market "Stitching on the Orient Express"!

2017 September

Fun times will be had by everyone! Can't wait to show the new artists that are appearing now at The Artists Collection along with fantastically fun canvases from Hearstrings, Mile High Princess Hummingbird Needlepoint and DG Designs!

Keep watch on Facebook and Instagram for the highlights and pictures, then request the goods from your LNS!

March Madness is beginning, stitch in with the fun!

Here is your cure for The Summertime Blues! Just add Air Conditioning and Threads!

Mile High Princess MH2728

Let's Play Ball!

Join in on the fun with Baseball Bobby, MH2505!

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on It's way!

Hummingbird's Chick Egg, HB 340

Happy Spring!! Flowers and Showers, Birds and Blooms,

Enjoy this time of year! Bees Knees Noah, BK 401

We are all enjoying a very snowy winter. Pass the time with a needle in hand! You can even build a snowman! Or Snow ladies! Stay warm!

Mile High Princess, MH2321, Charlie Cardinal

New Stitch Guide for MH 6008

These Ladies came to life this January with a New Stitch Guide written and taught by Sherry Bray at the TNNA Market, January, 2015

Here is the first of two classes. There are many shop owners you may know along with Brenda Palmer, The Mile High Princess artist! A very fun time was had by all!

Santa is Heading back to the North Pole

with a new Mile High Princess Canvas

MH 1504 Onward Ho, canvas comes with a stitch guide!

Turkey Day is such a special time with...

family and friends. Enjoy this special time. Mile High Princes 2540,41 and 42

Happy Halloween to you all!

Mile High Princess: BOO!, MH2550 , Babe the Witch , MH2801, and Norma, MH3022

HeartStrings charm storage just keeps growing!

Off To Dallas We Go! Day 1

Filled to the brim with canvas and goodies for all my shop friends this weekend! Can't wait to visit!! Suite #502!

Tons of Canvas, heading South!

With travel you must bring your Vera!

You never know what yummies you will find when you fill up the tank!

Getting Ready for Destination: Dallas

New Designer: DG Designs! Project Bags from Old Bags and new designs from Hummingbird Needlepoint! It will be a very exciting week!

Everyone needs their daily dose of fruits and veggies!
3" rounds, perfect for your kitchen or favorite chef ornaments!

These are called Flower Pops, wait till you see what they become!

Approximately 2 1/2" round they come with a fun accessory! To be

displayed next week!

Happy 4th Of July!! God Bless America!!

Mile High Princess, Uncle Sam

Bees Knees, Liberty Santa

Heartstrings, Grand Ole Flag

Hummingbird, Patriotic 3-D Birdhouse

Welcome Summer!!! Enjoy!!!

Mile High Princess: Fishy Frank (MH2508) and Aquatic Angela (MH2526) Heartstrings: Quilted Watermelon (HS5325) Bees Knees: Seaside Santa (BK107)

Hummingbird Needlepoint: Bee Hive with Vines (HB426)

New Canvas Designs are finally arriving at shops near you!

Heartstrings: HS 5175, Snowflake Santa; HS5811, Ode To Spring

Mile High Princess: MH1414, Gang's All Here!, MH1424, Oscar

Cupid's Arrow brings the Love of Needlepoint to you!

Mile High Princess canvases



New Designers coming your way! Bees Knees and Hummingbird Needlepoint.

From charming Santas, mittens and cowboy boots to tempting cupcakes and birdhouses, you will love every canvas!

Bees Knees:

Hummingbird Needlepoint:

Getting Ready for TNNA Market next week!

Look what's Crackin', new from Heartstrings...Acorns Galore! Great Classes.

Come and visit, Booth 650 & 652! See you there!

Happy New Year!!! ~ Welcome 2014 ~

Wishing you a wonderful and joyous New Year! Of course, with an abundance of stitching enjoyment! (MH 2821)

Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy the Day with those you love, spread the cheer to all you know!


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Bits and Pieces will keep you in touch with new and exciting things that are going on in The Artists Collections World!

Hooray!!! Needlepoint News, November issue, has just hit the streets and our own Christmas Tree Farm Fair by Mile High Princess/The Artists Collection is on the back cover!

Christmas Tree Fairy is making her debut! Read the article about Brenda Palmer, THE Mile High Princess, and bring her to life with the stitch guide by Cynthia Thomas. You can order your Christmas Tree Fairy from your local needlepoint store, check out our retailer list!

Nov. 11: Veteran's Day, a very special day to thank the Veterans and active military of our Country for their service. Because of them, we live in a Free country, with all our privileges and rights. "It's A Grand Old Flag", HS2126

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this time with good friends, wonderful family, good times and great food! We are all thankful for all the riches we have, the talents that we use and the family that we love. Enjoy!

Celebrate the Season! Stay inside by the fire, with the family, stitching. Enjoy the Heartstrings Carolers (HS9000 series) and Heartstrings Nativity (HS4000 series, 2 series available, mix and match). Isn't the Camel wonderful!!! Enjoy!!!


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